Mysterious Charges from "Stone Throne" on Your Bank Statement?

If you have never purchased anything from our store,, but have charges on your bank statement that appear to be from us, and especially if you have recently purchased something from a site called "" you are probably the victim of identity theft. You MUST call your bank to dispute the charge and cancel your credit card!

We are NOT associated with that site or any other online store. "", and perhaps others like it, are fake online stores with fake checkout pages designed to steal their customer's money, credit card numbers, and personal information. They are using "STONE-THRONE.COM" as their bank statement description when they run your credit card to try and hide their tracks, so you will not know where your money was actually taken from. It was not us! We too are just another victim of these awful criminals. We are a legitimate small family business in the USA just trying to make an honest living and would never steal from anyone! We want to help you and to clear our name.

We have already filed reports with the local police, FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) (, and the webhost of "". As of October 5, 2020, this has succeeded in shutting the "" website down, but there may be other websites like it. If you have shopped somewhere else that you think may be part of this criminal activity, please let us know so we can report them and have them stopped too. If you have shopped anywhere online at a new website for the first time in the last few days, it may have been them. Their "" advertised a huge variety of goods, at substantially discounted prices, and had bad English, blank pages for Contact Us, Terms of Service, Return Policy etc. and we expect that other domains would be similar. Please report the suspicious store to your bank when you call to dispute the charge, and PLEASE let us know the name of the store as well so we can report it to the FBI and their webhost!

After you have contacted your bank, PLEASE reach out to us via email at and let us know any information you can provide - especially where you purchased from and when. Thank you!

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