Gift Cards Added, New Listings and Order Process!

Two big announcements:

  1. Gift cards have been added to the shop, just in time for the holidays! They are redeemed easily at checkout, never expire, and have no processing fees. We only sell these around the holidays, so act soon if you want to pick one up.
  2. The way the display stand ordering works has been rearranged a bit. Instead of having one listing for blank stands that you can then add engraving to, we have now split this into two listings. One listing is for engraved stands and is simply the old price + $10 engraving fee + $3 color fill fee all rolled in together from the start. So prices have not changed (well, technically they went up $0.02) but should be a lot more transparent and save a few steps. The second listing is for the same stands just with no engraving for $13 less. (Though you may notice it does show the option of adding engraving just like the old way, should someone land on that page by mistake.) This change was done simply to help reduce confusion for new customers, make pricing more simple and transparent, and help us cross-list our products on other marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy without as much hassle.

All our Best!

The Stone Throne Team

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