Custom Engraved Acrylic Information Label Wedges


A Stone Throne exclusive. Already have a quality display stand for a specimen but still want to enjoy the professional look of custom engraving that our display stands offer? Or perhaps you have a specimen too large for any base? Try this!


These label wedges are made to go perfectly with any existing stand or decor, and display all the information you want with the same high quality engraving as our customized stands, and for very little cost. They also offer all the same engraving options as our normal stands, including the ability to upgrade to specialty colors, or add logos, secondary text on the back or sides, and catalog numbers.


They measure 3"W x 1"H with a vertical back to fit snugly against your existing stand or object, and feature a sloped front to make reading the label easy from any angle. Label wedges do not include rubber feet, but they can be purchased separately, if desired.


Ordering a personalized stand or label wedge from us is designed to be as hassle-free as possible, while still allowing you to be as specific as you want to be. We do this by automatically adding or removing subsequent options based on your current selections as you go.

To order, start with picking your size/shape/color style from the first dropdown menu. (See our square size chart or round size chart for help picking a size.) Just above this will display the base price of the item. 

If you don't want any engraving or other customization, simply choose the quantity of that size/shape/color you want, select "No" to the subsequent options, and Add to Cart. 

If you do want to add engraving and/or other options, just go down the list and make your selections. Any choices that will add a surcharge to the base price will be clearly marked with their cost, and a running total of surcharges will be displayed just above the Add to Cart button at the bottom. The grand total will be displayed once you add the item to your cart.

If the "Add to Cart" button doesn't work, you likely missed a required choice. Scroll up and look for the red text of the missed option(s).

Want more information about a particular option? Just hover over (or touch) the question mark icon to get more context.

question mark

Need some help ordering? Feel free to contact us and we'll be happy to give advice or build your order for you.

Ordering a lot of custom items? While you are more than welcome to order as many stands at once as you would like and build them one-by-one if you would prefer, another option is to use our request a custom/bulk order quote form and let us help. There is no charge or pressure to buy, so don't be shy!

Don't see the exact option you want? For small changes, just click the "special request" button near the end of the options list and let us know! For something more substantial, we recommend you contact us before placing an order.

Want a preview before you buy? Completely understandable! Just click the "photo mockup" button at the very end of the options list and we will create a digital mockup of your design, and email it to you for your approval or revision before building your order.

Have more questions or need some help? Check out the FAQ AND POLICIES section directly below to get more answers to customized products questions, see our full FAQ with even more answers to all kinds of questions, or contact us via email, text, or phone.


What is your return and exchange policy?

First and foremost, we want our customers to be completely satisfied with their purchases from us, and will work quickly to solve any problems you may have until you are happy. If you have any problems with your order, please use the return/exchange form on the contact us page or email us at

Our full refund policy can be found here, but the summarized version is as follows: 

For non-customized products, we accept new, unused items in their original packaging for a full return or exchange within 30 days of your order. You will be responsible for paying for your own shipping costs for returning your item. Shipping costs are non-refundable. For exchanges, we will pay for shipping the replacement item to you.

Unfortunately, due to the cost and nature of customized items, products that have been customized can not be returned for a refund unless we made an error in producing your order, such as filling your engraving with a color different to the one you ordered or a typographic error on our part. Customized items may be eligible for exchange for the same item, at our discretion.

When will my order be shipped?

We ship daily Monday through Saturday. Most orders placed in the morning will ship the same day (except for Sunday orders) while later orders will ship the same or following business day. Large orders with lots of customized products may take additional time, but rarely more than an extra day or two. Any order that will take more than 48 hours to ship will receive a message from us providing the expected completion date. If you have an urgency, you are welcome to contact us and we will do our best to accommodate.

How do I choose the right sized stand?

In most cases, we recommend picking a size at least equal to the diameter of your object being displayed for a balanced look, but it is really up to you. Keep in mind the bevel makes the top area a bit smaller than the dimensions of the stand itself. 

The best way to pick a size is to print one of our size charts and place your object on it to get a perfect fit. We have two size charts, for square and round bases. Make sure to print them at 100% size and change the paper (standard 8.5" x 11") margins to 'narrow' or 'none'. English and metric scales are included on each so you can double check with a ruler.

Can you help me with ordering?

Absolutely, you can contact us at any time via email, phone, or even text and we will be happy to answer questions, walk you through ordering online, or even build the order for you and send you an invoice. That is what we are here for!

Is there an easier way to order a lot of stands at once?

For sure, most of our customers who order in bulk send a simple spreadsheet or document listing the sizes and engravings they want, and we put together an invoice or a quote in return. If you'd like to do it that way, just use the contact form and the 'large orders' subject line to send us a message with the details, and you can attach your document at the bottom.

Some customers prefer to call us, and have us put their order together on the phone, and that works too! Just give us a call at 1-(888)-411-8186 (toll-free) or 1-(970)-788-1234 and we'll be happy to help!

If you'd prefer not to have to talk to anyone or want to order right away, another option is to add one stand of each size with the option choices you want to your cart, and then increase the quantity of each to the total number you want of that size (e.g. (15) 3x3's, (12) 4x4's, and (7) 5x5's in clear acrylic). Then checkout as normal when you are ready. Once you complete your order, email us at with your order number and a list or attached spreadsheet/document specifying your different engraving texts for each size. This also works if you just have a few of each size that will be same except the engraved text and want to save a little time building your order.

What if I want an option that isn't listed here?

No problem! We love getting creative and doing custom work, and whatever it is you have in mind, we can probably make it happen. Just visit the contact us page and reach out to us via phone, email, or text. We will let you know if we can accommodate your request, and provide a no-hassle no-obligation quote, if applicable. 

If it's just a minor request that the various options on the product page don't quite address, such as wanting lines 1 and 2 on your engraving in bold font, you can just click the "Have a special request for this item not covered in the options above?" checkbox near the bottom of the options list to let us know.

What is the difference between the color fill options?

The most basic option on an engraving is "no color fill". This means the engraved areas will be the natural color and texture left by the laser engraving. Each material will leave a different mark when hit with the laser beam. For clear acrylic, this is a frosted, semi-transparent, white (really very light grey) mark. For black acrylic, it is a similar, but darker shade, more of a frosted light grey. For wood, it is a brown color similar to what you would expect from a light 'wood burning'. For stone, it is a white to light grey color, similar to powdered rock. For all materials, it is an attractive, clean, and readable look.

Color fill is the addition of paint to the engraved areas after the engraving is complete. This offers: 1) more contrast for even better readability in more lighting conditions 2) a more professional, elegant appearance and 3) the ability to add your own personal style or to better match to your object being displayed or surrounding decor. Each "swatch" next to the name is an actual daylight photograph of the color fill in question.

We offer standard, metallic, fluorescent, and glow-in-the-dark fills. 

The difference between the fluorescent and glow-in-the-dark fills is that the former will only fluoresce while a UV lamp (any wavelength) is illuminating it, while glow-in-the-dark fills will continue to glow long after the UV or normal cabinet lights have turned off. 

Fluorescent fills use a fluorescent medium as a top coat over a standard base color, and shine a bluish white under UV light. We use this medium in a precise ratio to make your engraving just bright enough to be easily read in a dark fluorescent mineral display, but not so bright it 'washes out' your specimens. Glow-dark-fills use the finest glow pigments available (Europium-based UltraGlow® powders from United Nuclear) mixed in a transparent medium as a top coat over a standard base color. They are essentially colorless in the daytime, but once the lights go out and/or the UV lamps come on will glow brightly in your selected color for many hours (overnight or longer). Unlike the glow-in-the-dark paints and products of old, these UltraGlow® powders don't wear out over time. We can make to be a subtle effect like we do with our fluorescent fill, or at full intensity, or anything in between.

The reason there is a difference in price between color fill options is due to the fact that some fills cost us more in materials, and some fills require more labor and/or coats to apply properly than others.

Why are your custom stands so cheap / so expensive?

Yes, we do get asked both questions! 

The reasons our prices are low are that 1) we started this company in the first place because we could not find the stands we wanted for ourselves at a reasonable price, so keeping things affordable has always been very important to us as a matter of principle. 2) We do all the work ourselves and carefully planned our production process to be as labor efficient as possible, which saves us money that we can pass on to you. 3) We offer all our customization as very granular options, so you never have to pay for bells and whistles you don't want. 

The reasons our prices can't be even lower are that 1) We are unwilling to sacrifice the quality of our products to reach a slightly lower price-point. We only use the very best acrylics, engraving equipment, paints, adhesives, and other materials for a stand that truly gives your collection a museum quality look, year after year. 2) our stands are handmade in the USA, so our costs are higher than they would be if we were to have them produced elsewhere.

What mounting method should I use?
A short answer to this question can be found below, but if you want more information, see "Should I use putty, hot glue, or something else to mount my object" under the "Mounting and Display" category of our FAQ

For most objects and applications, we think hot-glue is the best option overall. It provides a much more secure hold than mounting putty, but is usually easy to remove completely (and still not very difficult to remove when it isn't), is cheap, invisible or nearly so, stable enough to be permanent if desired, bonds well enough to allow low stress-free handling for rearranging of displays, transport, or cleaning. Even the most extreme viewing angles are usually possible with the addition of support peg(s).

If removability is your biggest concern above all else, use mounting putty. It doesn't provide the best hold, or the most invisibility, but it won't harm your object and is as to remove as simply peeling it off. Adding support pegs allows you to use less material for a cleaner look, and/or allow for extreme viewing angles. We do recommend checking it once a year or so to make sure it isn't drying out in your climate, but our special brand of museum-grade mounting putty has been in use by collectors and museums around the world for many years on many pieces and we've yet to find a single report of it happening yet. 

If secure mounting is your biggest concern above all else, use E6000. It bonds extremely well, is invisible in most applications, is extremely stable, and remains very affordable. Again, keep in mind it is practically impossible to remove without damaging your object and/or stand! And do be careful to avoid counterfeit look-a-likes when purchasing - there are many cheap imitators around online! 

If the avoidance of adhesives of any kind is your biggest concern above all else, use custom support pegs, molded sub-bases, or custom engraved bases. Which of these you choose will depend on your budget, personal aesthetics, object geometry, and patience. 

We are also happy to help advise you on the best mounting method for your own needs, just contact us!

Find more answers and information by visiting our full Frequently Asked Questions page or contact us by message, phone, or SMS!

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